What’s it like to live in Crozet?

What are the community and lifestyle like?

o   Where do you shop for groceries?

o   What is there to do?

  • So much, it’s hard to know where to start. Hiking, swimming, fishing, browsing in the new library, hanging out at coffee shops, riding a bicycle (we have world class-riding) or drinking beer or wine at one of our many breweries or wineries.

o   Where are the houses for sale that fit what I’m looking for?

  • What are you looking for? Older historic home on a tree-lined street in downtown Crozet? New custom-built home in one of the many emerging neighborhoods? Or are you looking for a little more space in the countryside of Western Albemarle?

o   How do you get around?

  • The new Crozet Streetscape brought a much more walkable downtown Crozet, biking the perimeter of Crozet, or taking one of the two major arteries (Route 250 or Interstate 64) conveniently into Charlottesville.

What’s Happening in My Neighborhood?

o   What’s happening at Old Trail or Western Ridge or Laurel Hills or Foothills?

  • There’s always something happening in Crozet neighborhoods. Many, if not most, of the neighborhoods have private Facebook pages, NextDoor accounts, or Google groups. The best way to get insight into those conversations is to either contact us (or ask a friend).

o   What’s going up next door?

  • Ask us. Really, that’s the easiest way. Part of what we do is to know about new developments before most others do; it’s part of how we advise our clients when they are making buying or selling decisions.

o   What’s the next big thing that’s happening in Crozet?

o   Is that a new restaurant?

  • Maybe. Crozet is poised to have a lot of new restaurants and businesses – whether in Old Trail, Downtown Crozet or the 250 Corridor, there’s seemingly a new opening every couple of months.


What’s the Value of My House? How much Should I Offer?


o  What’s the value of my house? How much should I offer?

  • The best way for us to answer this is for you to ask. We would be happy to do a market analysis if you’re considering selling, or if you’re considering buying, we’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about what true buyer representation means.

o   Will I make a profit if I sell?

  • Maybe. It depends. We don’t mean to hedge, but that’s a big, big question. You make your selling profit when you buy. Buying smart is critical; we can help.

What’s the Future of Crozet?

The future of Crozet is unknown, but we have the Crozet Master Plan, we have an idea of what zoning will allow, and we have an active community that is not shy about vocalizing their opinions.

The best way to answer this question is, per the name of our site, is to have a conversation. The answers aren’t short, nor are they easily distilled into bullet points. We have a great community that is committed to positively shaping Crozet so that we will always be a great place to live.

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