January 2016

Crozet Real Estate Market – Looking at 2015 at 2016

Where are houses in Crozet selling? What are prices doing? Is now a good time to buy or sell a home in Crozet? David Ferrall and I answer some of these questions in this quarter’s real estate overview of the Crozet area.


Questions about the market? Thinking about buying a home or curious about your home’s market value?

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Median sales price, where are new homes selling, what neighborhoods are coming online in Crozet? We love questions!

Our experiment continues. David Ferrall and I love to talk about real estate. We thought the Crozet Real Estate Conversation series would be a good place to talk about real estate and share some of our thoughts and insights about life in Crozet & the Crozet real estate market.

  • “Crozet” for these purposes is defined as “Crozet Elementary + Brownsville Elementary” 
  • 2015 Median price for Attached & Detached homes in Albemarle County: $340K  (1,471 homes).  (1,374 homes)*
  • 2015 Median price home in Crozet: $400K (285 homes sold) Median price home in Crozet in 2014: $373K (253 homes sold).
  • New construction in Crozet is up 50%(!) in 2015 over 2014.
  • Small builders are holding their own, holding 20% of the new construction market.
  • 50% of new construction in Crozet is in Old Trail.
  • 26 of sales in Crozet last year were in Old Trail (also, Old Trail is seeking a downzoning)
  • 28% of new homes sold in Crozet last year were under $400K.
  • 19% of all sales in Albemarle County are in Brownsville + Crozet Elementary School districts

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David and/or I are at the Crozet Mudhouse on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. Please stop by to chat; we pulled (and know) a lot more real estate data and information than we shared in the video.

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